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Welcome to PSX, the leading Board room Advisors for Technology Companies.


We believe that each Entrepreneur should receive the Best Advice in every situation.


Our mission is to help Founder Shareholders and Investors of privately held companies create equity value throughout the businesses life-cycle which ultimately will lead to maximising value for all stakeholders.
We act as a trusted independent advisor and provide the necessary strategic guidance and thoughtful execution throughout the entire corporate lifecycle from founder-led business to mid-cap companies.
PSX's industry knowledge, experience and no-nonsense approach will ensure that you will achieve the best possible result.


We recognize that every client and every transaction is unique.
Let’s talk and see how we are committed making a difference for you and your business.






logoExecutive Coaching

executive coaching

When key individuals want to be challenged, clarify goals, achieve their personal and company objectives, unlock the full potential of their team, are looking for a sounding board.


  • Having an effective and supportive coach can help you see and leverage strengths that you already have but that you may be underestimating;
  • Your coach will help you build skills to see yourself more clearly, get curious about where you're strong and where you need to grow, and learn to see yourself with "fair witness" eyes;
  • A good and insightful coach will often have more neutral and accurate perceptions of those around you than you will, and will share those perceptions with you;
  • Business and Personal Issues can be shared with your coach, who can be a guide and or catalyst in the search for alternative path’s;


Most importantly, your coach can help you in exploring new ways of thinking and operating, new skills that will allow you to better reach your goals and create the results you are looking for.








logoStrategic Advisory

strategic advisory

  • "The moment that you wonder where are we and where should we be ?"
  • "How are our competitors doing and what's our completive advantage?"
  • "In which markets should we play and where not?"
  • "What's our market share and how does it evolves ?"
  • "What are the Growth Drivers in our market ?"


Together with the PSX Team we work around these and other Key questions based on the As-Is situation in order to define To-Be scenario's of which your Executives can make their choice.

Bob Sanders

What our clients say ....

"PSX was really helpful in determining the strategy and the next steps of an ICT outsourcing division. Their backpack consists of a large scale directly applicable strategic models in combination with real experience of a former CEO. For us the perfect combination and therefore highly recommended."

Rob Sanders, Country Manager Prodware Nederland



logoBoard Membership

board membership

  • "It are al nice people, but what's their added value ?"
  • "We would like to be challenged during a Board meeting ?"
  • "There are too many financial people on our Board"
  • "Nobody talks about Key Business Issues during our Board meeting"
  • "Yes, we prepare the Board meetings, but what do we get out of them ?"


Together with Shareholders and the Executives, PSX tries to identify the best profile who could bring added value to the Board based on domain and market experience.

Marc Diver

What our clients say ....

Franky Van Damme has been a straight forward guide during the last decade in my business. His down-to-earth approach helped me seeing a far more wider view on the core business. His visualizations in PowerPoint has given me a look-through at warp speed. This cocktail gives a high cost-efficiency advisory on top level. Franky please continue your advisory in this way, it will give a lot of SME a boost.

Marc Diver, Group CEO Campus Contern, Luxembourg



logoCapital Advisory

growth capital

When the time has come to develop new products and technologies, to enter new markets, to expand working capital, to make acquisitions, or to strengthen a company's balance sheet. It might also resolve ownership and management issues in the buy-out or buy-in of a business.


PSX is in regular contact with a wide range of technology investors ranging from private individuals, venture capital, and private equity to strategic industrial investors.

Tammo van Leeuwen

What our clients say ....

"PSX has proven to be a vital link in supporting our capital increase. The Consultant’s experience as a former CEO of many companies, combined with his knowledge in this field, makes him a top specialist. I can therefore wholeheartedly recommend PSX for any company looking for capital."

Tammo van Leeuwen, CEO FoodDESK



logoMergers & Acquisitions

executive coaching
We support clients in identifying investments that drive growth and are synergistic with their strategies.


We can advise our clients on best possible strategy, and focus on quality to achieve smooth execution.


We assist founders, management and investors to realize exits. By examining your shareholders and company objectives we will advise you as to the practical possibilities of realizing the company value with minimal disruption.


We will use our knowledge and experience of the market to define the sales approach and advice on actions to maximize the value of the business.


PSX team members have all been through the process of selling their businesses and have unique experience to help you achieve your goals. While we acknowledge that financial liquidity is important, we also understand that the legacy of your business is deeply personal and the transfer of ownership can be a difficult process.






We have challenging views and a no-nonsense approach.


We focus on high-growth and mid-cap European Technology and Applied Technology companies.


We are fully independent from corporations and institutions in order to achieve the best result for Clients.


We have a broad network within the industry and among the investor community.


We work with dedication and commitment. Our advice is based on experience and quality.
The PSX Consultants have personal experience and knowledge of the different topics, they have been there, done that.
Full involvement by senior advisors in all aspects of the advice and or transaction to deliver a successful outcome.


PSX would be pleased to be your trusted advisor.





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